Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What a Morning

Today will be one of those perfect, fall days. If summer were like this, I'd like it. First off, look at these gorgeous eggs from an Amish farm.

I always take Tansy to the Longbranch to play Frisbee. It's about a block or two from our house and has a few big, open fields so she can run fast and far. Here she is looking like a Jetson.

This is the actual Longbranch building. People rent it for events like weddings.

Along our Frisbee route, we stop for a quick drink in the lake.

The following photo is the Longbranch fishing dock. This is our bay, our dock is tucked in along the right bank of this photo.

I walked out onto the Longbranch dock and took a photo of our dock. Here it is.

Tonight we tear down the screen house for the winter. We put up this screen house every spring between the house and the garage. When we bought the house there was a concrete pad already made for this kind of screen house.

And, finally, here is our view from the front of our house (we see this out of the living room window - and my studio!). The lake is just a quick jaunt down the hill.

Now, on to my bike ride! Oh, I have a story from yesterday's ride. It was a gorgeous day, just like today, so the ride up the Echo Trail was like magic. I was flying like the wind, I had music playing on my mp3 player, I was strong and fast and just as I was half way up the biggest hill of the ride (Passi Road hill for those of you who know it), I took a big gulp of air and a stupid old bug flew into my mouth and hit the back of my throat. Yuck. I finally hacked it out at the bottom of Passi.

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  1. Thank you for showing and sharing your beautiful and tranquil world...( apart from the nearly ingested bug ). It is breathtaking for someone like me, living in suburbia.
    Kiki x