Thursday, September 1, 2011

Studio and More Beans

I've been busy creating new earrings due to the volume of sales. Not a bad situation, but I need to figure out a new place to run my polishing operation. It totally trashes my work space with debris - dust, fibers, polishing compound. I figure that I could set up a table outside and that will get me through a lot of months.

Here is a photo of my work space.

The right side is my jewelry-making station and the left is for sewing. You can see the fan in the window. The intention is to blow dust and polishing stuff out the window. It doesn't work that well. I wear a face mask, safety glasses, and ear protection when I'm running the tools. Good thing as the rest of my face was covered in soot from polishing dust and I had part of a polishing wheel break off yesterday and fly into my safety glasses.

Here is a close-up of the silversmith workstation.

Instead of buying a titanium pick to move solder around, I stuck a "T" pin through the eraser of a pencil. That worked great until I lit the whole pencil on fire! No big deal - I have lots of water around when I'm working as well as a fire extinguisher.

Here's where I pound metal:

See my ear protection right there? It's very noisy to hammer metal or to run the dremel tool.

We've been eating a lot of beans. Here's a quick and tasty way to prepare beans.

Quick Green Beans

A bunch of green beans
2 T butter
1 tsp minced ginger (or garlic)
Salt to taste

Get a pot of water boiling. Add 1 tablespoon of salt per gallon of water. Put the beans in the water and cook about 3 minutes then drain and run cold water over them to stop their cooking.

In a saute pan, melt butter and add the ginger (or garlic). Put the beans in the pan and toss with the butter and ginger. Yum! Eat those as a snack or as a side dish with supper.

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