Thursday, August 11, 2011

Photographing Jewelry and Garlic Harvest

I've been struggling for a few days trying to get my jewelry photos just right. I don't have it yet but here is a sample of what I'm trying.

I call this pendant "Romantic Gothic" because I fired it to get the copper underneath the silver plate to show through. It reminds me of Gothic architecture. Here are earrings that go with the pendant.

I made some that are not fired, too, and those are really nice. Here's a pair of earrings from an aluminum platter.

These are all out on my Etsy shop. But what do you think of the photography? I'm going to work some more today and see what I can do to improve the images. I don't like fiddling after the fact with Photoshop or other editing software; I prefer to have my camera do the work.

I harvested the garlic the other day. It's drying in the screen house.

I should order garlic now for planting in October. I always forget until most varieties are sold out. We always plant the garlic around October and it's the first thing we see peeking out on spring.

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