Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fish Painting and Picking Beans

I woke up this morning to the sound of a wolf howling. And then a little while later the loons started singing. What a place!

I worked on my triptych paintings but couldn't get one to look the way I wanted. So I left it as a single, new painting. Here it is.

This is the one I did last year:

I hung them like this on the porch wall.

My intention was to have the new painting in two parts, the head on one canvas and the tail on another canvas. I just couldn't get the tail right and in perspective with the head for it to look like the same fish. Instead, I have some birch trees between the two fish paintings. this way there is a little tension in the room. The crappies don't know about the big northern approaching.....

Look what I had to do to pick beans!

Every year one thing or another goes crazy in the garden. This year it was the beans.

And finally, here's Tansy napping on her bed on the porch with her toys.

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  1. "There's a little tension in the room" LOL!
    - Ely girl