Monday, August 1, 2011

Blueberry Festival and Gorgonzola

I haven't posted for a week because I was just too busy! I was getting everything ready for my big Blueberry Festival show. I was in the Ice Hockey Arena and the show was on Friday and Saturday from 9-6 each day. Here is some of my display.

The show went well enough but if I do it next year, I'll go to the actual park instead of the arena. If I set up in the park for three days, though, I'll need a tent and all of the trappings of a big vendor as well as a lot more inventory. The inventory shouldn't be a problem given that we'll begin another long winter here soon! At least August now gives us hope of winter coming soon. (Ha! To all of you people who find that statement strange, it's the whole reason we live here. We love winter! June and July are just to get through.)

Remember my road trip a while back to Wisconsin? Here is the cheese I bought at the North Hendren Dairy.

I cut it up and shrink wrapped it for the refrigerator. We've been putting it on grilled hamburgers with a side of onions and tomatoes. Very yummy! That's another thing to cook if it's too hot.

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