Thursday, June 23, 2011

Road Trip and Silversmithing

I've been gone a while taking a class in Madison. It was a great trip and I've just now finished unpacking the car and putting all my big city finds away.

The first two nights I stayed at Al and Sarah's house. That's Titus and Nero looking at the barn to see if there are any ducks to chase.

Here is one of Sarah's furry friends:

And she has horses, too! (And chickens and turkeys...)

Saturday I went to the farmer's market. I miss that market a lot. Well, I miss having peas already, our peas will probably ripen in August! Our carrots haven't even sprouted yet.

On to the silversmithing class. Here are the tools and what our tables looked like as we began work.

I'll show you my finished piece in my next post.

I had some time while I was in Madison to do a little shopping. I got some great new fabric. I hit the Asian grocery on Park Street and bought lots of pantry staples. I got a whole can of Dark Sesame Oil! I got a few things for some friends in town, too, and I'll give them a call today to deliver their goods.

Saturday night I went to dinner with friends at this new place, Oyster (I think that's what the name was, I can't find it on-line, though). Fabulous! Then on to Neillsville to see my folks. Here's Dad cooking some stuff on the grill.

They have a very silly kitty, Chico.

 And here's "Chico in a bag."

Dad has some yard art. These are bowling balls decorated with shiny, glass beads.

On the way home I stopped at the North Hendren Co-op Dairy to get some of their fantastic Gorgonzola cheese.

I made it home a little after 4:00 having driven through some crazy rain. The Duluth bridge was a bit dicey with the wind and rain. But all is well, I have lots of stuff to play with and I'll tell you more about my class in the next post. I'll show you the cheese then, too!

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