Monday, June 27, 2011

New Jewelry and Shore Lunch

I took a Silversmith class recently. Look at the pendant I made in class! It is made with fine silver and amethyst stone. I cut all of the metal, shaped it, soldered it, and finally polished it.

It's very expensive to experiment in silver without a teacher standing over your shoulder, so I'm practicing in copper. I'm using "easy" silver solder on the copper, which has a lower melting point than the solder we used in class for the silver. This is my first at home piece made with a glass bead and copper.

I ordered some finer gauge copper so that I can do a better bezel (the bezel is the thing you form to hold in the stone). I also ordered some copper brazing compound which might work instead of silver solder so that you won't see the line of silver. Here's my final practice piece prior to getting my supplies in the mail. You can see I had a hard time with the bezel due to the thickness of the copper.

I took the turquoise stone out of a different setting that I didn't like. This piece was very rustic and I didn't like it until I fired it to get the patina. Now I like it. I'll be experimenting with shapes soon, too. Meanwhile, I made a few earrings today to go with the new copper pieces. When I was at that craft sale in Tower I had some time on my hands so I made these earring wires. I polished them today so that they are smooth.

We took our boat over to Snowbank Lake for the day on Saturday. It was a gorgeous day and the bass were biting like crazy! Snowbank is a very clear lake so you can see the fish swim up to bite your lure! We saw a nice place to pull in for shore lunch.

Here is Steve fixing the stove. Part of the propane plastic was broken off and we didn't realize it would be very tippy. He put grass in the bottom and that held it enough for cooking.

We make shore lunch by starting with olive oil, onions, salt and pepper. Cook those until the onions look translucent.

After that we put in precooked, sliced potatoes and fresh greens. I use any greens that are coming up in the garden. This one has turnip tops, kale and Swiss chard.

Once the greens and potatoes are looking cooked, add the fish. Cook some more until the fish flakes. Then serve it up. When you are finished, take a nap before heading out for some more fishing.


  1. Your pendant looks great! I like how the square textured metal part contrasts with the smooth round stone. It's a nice design and looks good in copper and silver. Great job! ~Annie

  2. Congratulations on your silversmithing. I love the look of the copper, it is a nice change from the usual gold and silver. Soon, you will be a pro!

  3. I love your pieces you made!! Just beautiful!! I have to make this dish it looks delish. We head to the lake for the holiday weekend and this would be perfect to fix!