Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Bike Bags and Camping

We're back from our Boundary Waters trip. First, though, I want to show you how the new bike bags turned out. Remember, I melt plastic bags into "fabric" and then cut and sew the "fabric" into these bicycle bags.

For this one I cut out an image from a yogurt container to enhance the finished bag (yes, I sewed the plastic!).

This shows the back where I attach Velcro so that you can attach the bag to your front bike handles.

These will make their debut this weekend at the Harbor Festival in Tower. I'll be selling both days, Saturday and Sunday.

I can't help but show you this picture of Tansy right before our trip. We had played Frisbee with her through a field of dandelions - look at her yellow feet!

Now for the Boundary Waters trip. Here is our portage boat at the end of the first portage on Newton Lake:

Because we have the portage boat, we can bring a few luxuries. One luxury I LOVE is this little, portable table.

I was cutting up mushrooms, onions, and garlic to saute while the steaks cooked on the open fire.

The next day I made Tom Kha soup. I mixed up the coconut sauce ahead of time. It was outstanding! We caught some fish to add to it. I also used Ramen noodles with one cup of water, the coconut sauce, sliced mushrooms, and the fish. YUM! This photo doesn't give you any clue as to how good this was. It was my favorite meal out there.

Look at this view from our campsite one morning:

Uh oh! And then we had a storm that even brought in hail. Here is the hail outside our screen house (another luxury we brought):

Poor Tansy - even in the screen house we got wet in that big of a storm.

But here she is the next day on her beaver watch.

Really - here's the beaver!

Every evening this beaver came to our shore and munched on some tubers. You could hear the munching and crunching which sounded almost like eating potato chips really fast. (Try it and you'll know what that beaver sounded like.)

We caught some fish - here I'm holding a stringer of bluegill sunfish.

This was a "shore lunch" meal I made using bass (the big, pink fillets) and northern (the more yellow-colored fish). I saute onions and garlic in olive oil, salt and pepper, and then add some greens (this was kale) and sliced pre-cooked potatoes. At the end I add the fish and cook until they are done. It's really, really good.

Another blue gill day - here is Steve:

And we'll wrap it up with this photo of a really cool water lily pad.

It was a great trip! Next on the docket is the Harbor Festival in Tower. I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. Hi Sharee,
    I do so love visiting you in your beautiful far away world ! Thanks for desribing and showing it like this !
    Kiki x

    P.S. June must seem such a warm and distant memory now !? x

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