Thursday, June 30, 2011

Earrings and a Bike Ride

I was going to sew yesterday but I got sidetracked and made these!

I found a silver-plated tray that had a really nice pattern around the edge. I decided to see if I could cut it. Yeah! I could! I cut the tray into earring pieces. Then I used a rough wheel to polished the edges smooth and did a final silver polish to bring back the silver luster. They are absolutely gorgeous! Here's another pair. They'll make their debut at the farmer's market next week.

I've been riding bike a lot since the weather is good. I either ride around Shagawa Lake or more usually head up the Echo Trail. This is part of my route on the Echo Trail.

Look at the lupines! They are in full bloom and line both sides of the road. It's like riding inside a postcard.

Here's my bike. I LOVE my bike! It's a Terry Trixie model (they don't make them anymore). It's fast but I sit more upright than a road bike so that I can look around as I go. Notice the bag on the handle bars? I make these out of melting plastic bags. It's really handy to use for your cell phone or other things you want to access during your ride. They've been very popular at the craft markets.

I was featured in Handmadeology! Check out the article here.

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