Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dumb Phone and The Garden

I've decided to take a weekend course on Silversmithing this weekend in my old home-town, Madison, WI. I'm hitting the road tomorrow to see friends along the way and then see my folks on the way home. It should be a good trip and I'll let you know how it goes when I get back.

I have a new "smart phone" so that I can process credit cards at craft fairs. Steve got a flat tire on his way to work the other day so we've decided to get him a phone, too. We're getting him a "dumb phone". We're thinking of shutting down the land line. If you have experience with that, let me know if it's a smart idea or a dumb idea.

Here's a photo of a new bag I made. It's very large and full of pockets.

I don't have any recipes for you today - we've been making the same things I've shown you before. So I thought I'd show you how the garden is doing.

That big, bushy stuff in the front is garlic! It's doing great.

I've already been stealing some of the Swiss chard and those greens in the box behind it. We have kohlrabi and turnips in that one. We mostly grow the turnips for the greens.

Who doesn't love chives?! I chopped and chopped and chopped these and now they're getting their flowers.

Here I go. I'll write a post next week when I'm back from class.

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