Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Getting ready for our Boundary Waters Trip

For some crazy reason my camera stopped being able to connect to my computer. I just ordered a memory card reader device and it should be here by the time we're back from our trip.

We're taking our portage boat up to the Basswood Lake area right on the border of Canada. We live almost there, anyway, but we like to take a trip into the actual Boundary Waters. Our portage boat looks a lot like this. You can see the wheels flipped up at the side of the boat. When you get to shore, you flip the wheels down and drag the boat across the portage.

We'll be taking three portages on this route. There are only certain areas where you can use portage wheels and a motor in the Boundary Waters, otherwise it's a million acres of paddle only - no motors allowed. For this spring trip, though, we like to bring a few luxuries like a screen house! The black flies and mosquitoes are out big time.

This is our camp site from last June - that's Tansy napping after a hard day of chasing chipmunks.

And here are Steve and Tansy out in the boat getting water using the water filter pump:

I've decided to stay low-key with the cooking this year. Today is grocery shopping and tomorrow is some pre-cooking. I'm going to make sesame noodles for lunch snacks, garbanzo bean spread for lunches and snacks, and granola for breakfast.

The first night out we'll have ribeye steaks with caramelized onions and mushrooms. From then on we'll have some version of fish every night - fried bluegills drizzled with lime and salt; tom kha fish soup; fish sauted in olive oil with onions, greens, garlic, and irish potatoes; and then just plain olive oil and garlic accompanied by fresh foccacia. Yum!

You're wondering if we'll catch fish. Well, I hope so or we'll go hungry!

Here's what the foccacia it looked like when Tim and Paul came up from Chicago to go fishing with us a few years ago (that's Tim):

Actually, the other side looks better because it will have sliced garlic, rosemary, and olive oil drizzled on it. Again, YUM! I start with the dry ingredients in a zip lock and then mix in water once we're at the camp site. I'd best be on my way to get this stuff ready.

By the time we're back I should have my new camera card reader and I can show you new photos. We'll be back next Tuesday afternoon, May 31. See you then!

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  1. Have a great trip! My husband and friends did a 10-day trip there years ago and they are still telling the tales. I hope the fish are abundant.