Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Sewing Machine and Sesame Noodles

I'm soooooooo excited! Here's my new sewing machine:

I bought a new one last year - the Brother Project Runway Limited Edition PC-420, but I've been sewing so much and using such heavy fabric that I was killing it. I needed a machine that had more power and could handle sewing nearly every day and going through thick fabric. This one has a walking foot. WAY cool.

I bought it at the Viking Village Sewing Center in Virginia. They have lots of machines and they're all set up so you can actually sew with them in the store first. Great to buy local and great to have a service place that close. (That's Virginia, Minnesota, to those of you who don't know this area. It's our closest "big" town about an hour southwest of Ely or an hour north of Duluth.) I'll let you know how it goes after I've played with it.

We went to a pot luck last night and I brought sesame noodles. These are vegan (for you Amy!) and totally delicious. Perfect for a potluck or picnic.

Sesame Noodles

Get a pot of water boiling. Throw in some veggies - asparagus or broccoli or carrot strips. Let them cook in the water until crisp-tender - only a couple of minutes. Scoop them out and save the water! Now your water has good veggie vitamins infused in it:

Add your pasta and cook according to directions on the package (save the package and melt it later to form fabric!)

Make your sauce:

1/4 c vegetable oil
3 T dark sesame oil
7 T soy sauce
3 T balsamic vinegar
3 1/2 T dark brown sugar
2 tsp salt
2 tsp chili oil
1 T minced ginger
1 garlic clove, finely chopped
1/4 cup chopped cilantro

Mix all of that in a bowl.

Drain the pasta well. Put it back in the pot, add the sauce, veggies, and cilantro. Add some finely chopped scallions (I didn't have any and used finely chopped red onion). Finally mix in 1/4 cup sesame seeds. They're best if you toast them first in a dry pan, but fine if you don't. I only had black sesame seeds, so I used those. White ones are really good, too.


  1. Oh I'm so jealous what a great feeling to get a new machine!! I am also going to try your recipe,that sounds so easy and delicious!!
    Now what is this about melting to make fabric...that intrigues me. I love that you take materials and repurpose and use what would have been trash! That is a passion of mine=)
    great post!!

  2. Check out my blog post "Melting Plastic and Greek Meatballs"

    It shows what I'm doing with plastic! I haven't tried my new machine on plastic yet - maybe tomorrow.

  3. There's nothing like a great machine! Congrats! I have a Janome with embroidery capabilities and I unfortunately don't use it to it's full potential. That's on my list of things to do. Your noodle dish looks scrumptious.