Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day Two - Graffiti

Today's "7 Projects to Snap You Out of a Slump" was:

Study graffiti on the web. Make a painting or drawing in graffiti style. Okay to use collage, too, but the end result should look graffiti-like. (Optional:  Listen to urban music as you do this.)

I looked at graffiti pictures on the web and read the wikipedia article. The article said that graffiti these days is typically done using spray paint and markers. No way am I going to be able to make graffiti like Bansky which is really art in the outdoors (watch the movie "Exit Through the Gift Shop" for an interesting graffiti documentary).

I took an old painting of mine that I never liked (I did a series over Christmas once):

And I took some gesso:

Squirted it all over the old painting and brushed it on to cover up the old painting. I wanted the old painting's texture to remain because I thought it would give the piece an urban wall feeling.

Today is a fantastic day! Our temperatures made it to over 60 degrees. So I took my canvas outside and gathered together a bunch of spray paint:

I put the canvas on some old metal that we had used to cover the wood pile this winter (all of the wood is gone - it was a long winter). Painting on the old metal and wood made me feel as if I were in a train yard getting ready to paint on a box car's old metal.

I put layers of spray paint on the canvas to give it an old wall look. Then I started spraying the spray paint into my name! I added a peace sign for fun. Later I took acrylic and latex paints and embellished the letters. I like it! It's very gritty.

I photographed it against the wood shed - the railroad rail steel added to my rail car feeling (we had used it to hold down the tin covering the wood pile - this was a different wood pile, again, all gone. Long winter!).

I'm really happy I did the project. I haven't been painting in a while and it forced me to paint. And what a great way to paint! You really don't have to be all neat and clean and worried that it won't look good or be perfect. It's graffiti!!

Here's a close-up of it in the house. I think Steve will like it as part of our decor!

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