Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day Three - Chimney, Story, Nodule

Day three of the "7 Projects to Snap You Out of a Slump" is

Randomly point to three words in the dictionary. Use those three words and create something that incorporates the words or is inspired by the words. (No fair changing the words if you don’t like them – break out of your comfort zone!)

I randomly opened the dictionary and pointed. I got CHIMNEY, STORY, and NODULE as my words for the day. Hmmmm.

I decided to try another painting. I started with an old painting that I didn't like and because I had to repaint the top of the bathroom vanity, anyway, I went with the same black I was using for the vanity:

My first word was "chimney" so I used the Kauffman survey card (see in photo above) to scrape off some paint in a brick pattern:

It needed brightening up, so I added more bricks with a hard, nubby eraser dipped in paint. I also wrote on the painting in black magic marker because my second word was STORY. Then I used some lavender colored paint and made little NODULES of paint on some of the bricks. After that, you could no longer see the words I wrote in magic marker, so I wrote "Once upon a time" in ocher colored paint in big globs.

I didn't like that very much, so I squished all of that with the eraser and then I drizzled the pinkish lavender paint on top:

Here's a closeup:

Well, I didn't like that much, either. So I kind of washed it off with a wet paper towel.

Here's a closeup:

Now it's a little washed out. I'll tuck this one away and some day when I'm looking for something goofy to do I'll add some paint - or cover it right back up with some gesso and start fresh.

The moral of this story is that you should do these projects even if you end up with JUNK! Who cares? You learned some stuff, or maybe not, but at least you tried something new.

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