Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day Six - Glue Little Things to Bigger Things

Day six of the "7 Projects to Snap You Out of a Slump" is

Find a bunch of little things (dry beans, pebbles, beads, sesame seeds). Find a bigger thing and glue the little things to the big thing. Paint it, shellac it, put some glitter on it. What did you make? Put a photo on your blog.

Of course, the first things we think of are those kindergarten projects. Or adult projects that look like kindergarten projects. My first thoughts were along the lines of some buttons I was cutting off a shirt Steve decided to throw out.
After fiddling with those for a little while, I decided to glue some washers to a piece of metal I cut and then hammered. I glued Swarovski crystals inside each washer. The one in the middle is a copper washer that I also hammered:
I really liked it, so I made another one using more of the copper washers:
While I was waiting for glue to dry I made this wristlet out of some new fabric I got:
And I finished the Lion King necktie purse I had been making:

Overall, quite a productive day (and it's still early!). Well, not much else to do today given we woke up to five inches of snow on the ground with another three predicted for the day. I think that glimpse of spring was just a dream.

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