Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day Four - Collage

Day four of "7 Projects to Snap you out of a Slump" - the project is:

Take some magazines or newspapers that you are throwing out and cut stuff out of them. Use those cut things to make a collage on paper or canvas. You may also incorporate paint, other things, writings, etc. As you make this art play an album over and over until your collage is finished. Talk about how the music influenced the collage.

I chose Laurie Anderson's "Strange Angels" CD to play while I did my artwork today. An excerpt of lyrics from her song "Monkey's Paw" say, Well I stopped in at the body shop and said to the guy, "I want stereo FM installed in my teeth and take this mole off my back and put it on my cheek. And uh...while I'm here, why don't you give me some of those high-heeled feet?"

I knew I wanted to expand on an idea I did in my journal - Here's the journal page:

I just can't understand high heel shoes (unless you never intend to actually walk in them). And this year my foot hurts, so I'm a little fixated on feet, sore feet, and the wonder of what in the world makes women wear high heels. Read Snow Flower and the Secret Fan for an interesting book. It is set in China during a period when foot binding is prevalent.

What is the difference from foot binding to high heeled shoes? I would like to ask Oprah this. She can't walk at all when she has those heels on.

So here is my collage:

I repainted that painting from yesterday in a pinkish lavendar (because it's a girl color). And then used mod podge to affix images of foot binding that I found on the web. I cut the shoes out of magazines. And I added the emaciated, angry looking model. Poor thing. She needs food.

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