Friday, April 15, 2011

Day Five - My Shape is Paisley

Day five of the "7 Projects to Snap You Out of a Slump" is

Choose a shape as your muse for the day. Any artwork you do should incorporate that shape as your predominant theme (rectangle, stripes, circles, paisley, etc.)

I chose paisley as my shape!

I stopped by Dafne's house for a few minutes this morning and she has a paisley mirror in her entrance way! Funny how you notice those things when you have a word in the front of your mind (like on Monday I couldn't believe all of the things I saw that were yellow).

I cheated a little and went back to sewing today. I say cheated because it's the kind of artwork that I do a lot of and the whole point of this week is to break out of the routine. But look what I made!

I absolutely LOVE it! See the handle?  My new machine makes this nice stitch.

Then I made a zipper pouch and made a paisley shape on the fabric with a suede-like cloth.

The paisley shape looked like a pond, and guess what my new sewing machine can make? Turtles!

Too fun. I also started this purse but I sewed the inside lining in backwards and I'm through for the day. I'll have to take that one apart and turn it around another day.

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