Friday, March 11, 2011

Zipper Pulls and Snow Melt?

I just discovered that some Etsy sellers make digital images that you can purchase and print yourself. I bought some really cool digital 1" rounds from dreamversion. I took the digital file over to our local print shop, Roger's Printing, and had them print these onto sticky-back paper (I tried a few on cardstock, too).

I wanted to make zipper pulls from them so I brought up one of the aluminum serving trays that my mom found for me (if she hears that I want something, she'll scour the flea markets and garage sales in her neck of the woods while I look around here). I cut the tray edges off and then punched out 1 inch round holes with my metal punch:

Next, I cut my digital images into circles and stuck the circle onto the plain side of the metal disk. I covered it with Mod Podge to seal it (although I'll be looking for a better sealant because Mod Podge is water soluble). After it dried I used my metal punch to punch the small hole to attach a jump ring or lobster clasp.

You see the swirly side is the side of that metal tray that I left unfinished. I like it! I don't have many lobster clasps, so I ordered some from another Etsy seller, gemplus24. I haven't gotten them yet, so in the meantime just to see how I like them, I attached the new zipper pulls to a couple of my wristlets with a jump ring.

I'm thinking this is a really fun way to add a little pizzaz to my zippered items. And I'm having so much fun experimenting with this new idea!

Dafne is coming over later this morning. She said she has some Diamond Glaze for me to try instead of Mod Podge. I got on the Mod Podge kick from my friend, Velvet, who Mod Podges everything! Her Etsy shop is iheartmushrooms.

Now pondering the snow - is it melting?

Yesterday it got up to 30 degrees! It was sunny, too, so things started melting a little. Here is what the dock looks like:
That little spit-fire on the left is Tansy bringing me back her Frisbee. I usually walk out onto the lake to throw it so that it catches the wind and goes further. Steve is going to stop on his travels (he's heading to Milwaukee) and buy FOUR more of this kind of Frisbee because her current ones are very beat up.

Look at how the snow is melting on the dock! We'll have to start guessing at when the ice will go out this year. Last year it was April 9 which broke the all-time record. Usually it's late April.

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  1. This is only the 2nd post that I have read from you and I am inspired by your creativity. You know we creative types are always looking for our next creative project. Thanks.