Friday, February 25, 2011

Cold Day Ramblings

I've mostly been hanging out near the woodstove today. It was -2 at noon, but now the computer says 2 above. That little tease of spring was just that, a tease. Good weather for the WolfTrack Classic dogsled races this weekend, though.

I took a little trek over to the Fat Chicken Feed Store to mail a package. We don't have mail delivery here; we all have to buy a PO box at the Fat Chicken. They're on Facebook!

Then I ate a new kind of orange I found at the grocery store called "Cara Cara Pink Navel". It wasn't really pink inside, but it did look the same inside as a pink grapefruit. I'd say a regular old orange is just as good and half the price.
Here's Tansy falling asleep by the woodstove. We'll take her out for Frisbee in an hour or so - it might warm up to 8 or 9 by then. (I made her dog bed out of old towels and some upholstery fabric samples - inside is one of those egg crate foam mattresses. She likes it!)

I fiddled with a solder gun I bought over the weekend. Argghh. Another thing to learn. So far, no go. I'll have to read up on it on the web. The reading I did so far makes it seem very arduous. They talk about "pickles" and "flux". I have some pickles in the fridge...

Here's a few pieces of jewelry I've been working on:

Meanwhile. I took out some of that fish we caught a few weekends ago. I'm going to make Cioppino over risotto tonight for supper. Anyone want the recipe I'll put it here - just let me know. It's fantastic!

I also took out two packages of our GARDEN tomatoes! We're still eating our tomatoes from last summer's bumper crop. I froze about 65 quarts of tomatoes! Brett at the Fat Chicken said he'd be starting seeds this weekend in the greenhouse. Spring really will come!

Velvet called to see if I wanted to have happy hour at Dee's bar tonight at 6:30. I'm not feeling like venturing out right now, although it would be nice to see everyone! I did look around earlier for my curling iron (we remodeled the bathroom and a lot of things are still somewhere else). I thought it would be fun to curl my hair today. If I find it, I may just have to curl my hair, put on some lipstick, and join the girls. Velvet is a fellow Etsian! Check out her "Happy Hippy Mushrooms" at her Etsy Shop.

Until next time --Sharee

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