Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Brand New Blog!

I live in the most beautiful place! The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is right out my back door (actually my front door, but "back door" sounds better). I can see the lake from my studio and from this lake one can paddle and portage through a million acres of wilderness.

I just came in from throwing Frisbee on the lake with my dog, Tansy. It's about 23 degrees, sunny, and windy. Much, much warmer than this weekend. You can feel the sun soaking into your clothes now. Nice.

Here's a photo from two weekends ago. We took dog sleds up to Basswood for a day of fishing (it's right on the Canadian border).

And here's the Northern Pike my husband, Steve, caught!! Biggest fish I've seen come through an 8" hole in the ice.

We also entered the Northern Lakes Arts Association's amateur snow carving competition and WON in our category "adult small group" for our sculpture "Tongue Stuck to Flagpole".


  1. Hi Sharee! Welcome to the world of blogging! I can't think of anyone whose thoughts I'd rather be privy to :) Great photos! When you went dog sledding, where did you get the sleds and dogs?

  2. Hi Sharee! Good for you! I keep spreading the word about you and your Etsy stuff. Check out my blog: allenramblings.wordpress.com

  3. Irene - We went through White Wilderness for the dog sledding. Great fun! --Sharee

  4. Hi I popped over from the Etsy Entrepreneurs Team to follow your blog...
    Mine's here:

    (Btw I'm completely jealous that you went dog sledding-I've always wanted to do that!)

  5. 23 degrees! If I was out in that weather playing frisbee with my dog I would have to drag her stiff frozen self back in. I am envious though I wish I lived somewhere so beautiful and wild. I must be so serene up there.

    I love the snow sculpture, that is just awesome!

  6. Hi Sharee
    I'm new to facebook and blogging but I hope to get up to speed soon. I love your tie purses. Hope to talk soon
    Take Care Barb Miller